Friday, November 13, 2015

1984 Part One

George Orwell, socially aware for his time, thought so fluidly about the social and economic injustices of his time. I don't know if he truly thought that the things he wrote in 1984 would ever come true, but they really hit home when you think about the current times and some of the accusations of the last ten years of American politics such as the spying on American citizens and other such events such as the Edward Snowden controversy. I won't get too political with this writing, but I have a big political opinion too.

Orwell was a rampant supporter of democratic socialism. 1984 coined many terms that I personally didn't connect to him. I had no idea 'big brother', 'cold war', 'Thought Police', or many other terms came from him and his writing. I missed out on a lot of pop culture references over the years not having read 1984.

That said, I really don't like the book. I assumed earlier, that this would be the case. I got a paperback off of Amazon for like three dollars so I am not that sad that I am missing a couple bucks. Orwell's writing is very lucid and very well written prose. The protagonist's tone is one of someone so subject to the fallacies of the government that he is literally forced to support that even a single thought of distrust or malice toward the government, he can be killed. The known world is so different from ours and so far I think the leader of Oceania or superstate is just a made up figure that the party has embellished.

I'll keep reading and won't give up the entire plot line in my writings just an overview and my feelings about the book's implications, legacy, whether I think it deserves a place on this list of books you should read in your lifetime. This is going to be a journey.

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