Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I diverge from the usual with a short post here. I am a passionate reader and over the years I have read a lot of books. I have several hundred in my home now. Hate to say it but most of them are unread and I amass a huge amount of them to read and never get around to it. This reading/writing project only takes two books from my shelf toward this list. I personally have read about 10% of the books before undertaking the project. I only own two books that are on the list that I haven't read, Dune and Gone Girl. I haven't seen either movie either so I am excited about that. I know this was pretty random of a post, but I wanted to do an interim post between books and talk about the sidelines a little bit. I have for too many years put myself on the academic sidelines and find this as a way of getting back in the game if even for a little bit. My big boy life plan was to get my Master's and then PhD in History and try to make an impact on academia. Years after college later and I am still sidelined waiting on the 'right' time to move back to college and finish this chapter of my life.

I'm sidelined even in life at the moment. I haven't given up a lot of character background on myself yet, but I am a car salesman. Just a dishonest guy right? Nah. We aren't all that bad, at least not all of us. Regardless of this technology laden society and the way our world is going, I am a little anti-tech. We need people to do some of these jobs and the car business is trying to go technological and I don't believe this is the right direction for it to go. Computers can't tell you everything and some recent academic research shows that American's reading comprehension is waning. So do we really want a bunch of people learning their automobiles from computers and technology? Nope. Sorry.

Okay random rant completed. Also, all of these books that I am reading and writing about will be physical, actual, real paper books. Sorry e-reader fans. I pay no credence to this revolution. And therefore I have sidelined myself from technology. I guess I am very old fashioned about some things for a liberal. Anyway, I am going to stop sidelining myself in life. I am going to make things happen and it's time to make some changes. I am inspired. Let's do this!

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